Forgiveness is Mandatory

“Mandatory?! That means I have to do it! Why do I have to do it?!”
This is what often goes through a listener’s mind when they hear a statement like “Forgiveness is mandatory.” Many people feel embittered because of something that was done to them, so those angry feelings come pouring out in comments like, “I don’t have to forgive if I don’t want to!” and “That person certainly doesn’t deserve my forgiveness!”
Okay, so why should you forgive a person who has made you miserable? Because what that person did to you is not what’s making you miserable. What kee s you in misery is your emotional attachment to what that person did to you. What keeps you miserable is the grudge you hold. Another word for it is unforgiveness. And your unforgiveness is the emotional replay of a past event in the present moment … again, and again, and again.
The fact is, if you want to experience a greater sense of happiness and well-being, if you want to feel good more of the time, you have to learn what forgiveness really is, and then do it. You can find details of The Forgiveness Process that I personally developed in my new book entitled FORGIVENESS … It Is NOT What You Think It Is! This process came about as a result of me being the recipient of unacceptable, cruel, and terrible behavior from another person. Today I can remember that person as if they wear angel wings, for had they not done what they did I wouldn’t have discovered a healing process that has helped so many!
One of the first steps in this process is realizing and admitting that you have a negative emotional charge on a memory, even when you claim to have forgiven that person or event. You can say “I forgive” a thousand times, but if you still feel an unwanted emotional reaction when you think about that experience, true forgiveness hasn’t happened yet.
Sometimes unforgiveness is attached to buried beliefs in the subconscious mind. These hidden beliefs must be uncovered before one is even ready to embark upon the journey of authentic forgiveness. The second process in my book to help you do that is The Soul-Math Formula. Trust me, if you dig into your consciousness using this formula, you will see what cries out for forgiveness. You’ll begin to understand the reasons behind whatever haunts you, whether it be sadness, anger, resentment, self-pity, or some other self-depriving emotional goo that keeps you stuck in unforgiveness. On, you can download for free the Diagnostic and Correction sheets to help you work The Soul-Math Formula.
My best to you as you seek and find a new sense of freedom and joy as you discover true forgiveness!