Rising Above the Scary Things

It’s October! Halloween is just around the corner, bringing to mind questions like, “You know how witches tell time? … With their witch watches!”

Here’s another one: You know what happened to the guy who couldn’t keep up payments to his exorcist? … He got repossessed!

And how ’bout this one: You know what a ghost’s favorite breakfast is? … Why Ghost Toasties with booberries, of course!
I can’t help it. I just received an invitation to a Halloween party and was thinking about who or what I wanted to be this year. Before we know it every horror movie ever made will be on TV, feeding people’s fascination with being frightened half to death.

As I thought about how we would be better served to rise above the scary things in life instead of letting them horrify us, I did a little research into the fears and phobias that people have. To my surprise there are hundreds of phobias that have been identified. To name a few, do you know what abluthophobia is? It’s the fear of washing or bathing! Most of us know that acrophobia is the fear of heights and scotophobia is the fear of the dark. But did you know that phasmophobia is the fear of ghosts and sesquipedalophobia is the fear of long words?! I’m sure that by now there are even more phobias, like terrororismphobia, insuranceaphobia, conspiracyphobia, and lots of others. One thing’s for sure, there lots of scary things lurking in the depths of our individual psyches. Are there any hairy monsters in the corners of your mind? Does fear or resentment or grotesque memories stalk you in the night? Do you entertain annoying emotional goblins that creep in uninvited and suck the blood out of your relationships? Are you caught up in fear being generated by the news media?

A friend walked into my office one day and said, “There might be a lot of disturbing and terrible things going on in our world, but they’re not going on in my world!”

This is a profound statement. We get to realize that what we buy into, that which we spend time horriblizing or awfulizing about, becomes our experience in that moment. And that to which we give our attention takes root in our mind and grows. All of the scary stuff happening in our world entices us into the fray, luring us into the game of human paranoia. We can’t grovel around in the fray without getting frayed!

So how many vampires of the mind do you have sucking your vital energy? You know, all the grudges you hold on to, the judgments or assumptions you keep making, the defensiveness, blame, self-pity, hurt, pain, expectations, resentment, the need to be right, and on and on. These are the really scary things that act like monsters haunting your every move.
You have no idea how powerful you are. Your thoughts are powerful beyond measure. It’s not about taking five minutes out to pray for harmony and peace, it’s about monitoring your thoughts every moment of every day. Your thoughts not only affect you, they affect everyone around you. Tame the monsters of your mind so that every day can be filled with peace and moments of true joy and gratitude.

Speaking of monsters, what do you say to a two-headed monster? … “Hello. Hello.”