Soul-Esteem Center

service2-400Rev. Phylis Clay Sparks and her late husband Roger Sparks founded The Soul-Esteem Center in 1997.  The vision was to create a warm and comfortable place in which to be lifted, inspired and motivated to put spiritual practices first so that the human experience comes into alignment with the peace, love and joy of God. Since then we have touched and empowered many lives. We do not offer formal membership, but instead a true sense of belonging, as we support each other in our spiritual growth and understanding of who we truly are as children of God.

The Soul-Esteem Center (SEC) is a community of those wanting to follow a positive path toward demonstrating more and more Divine potential in their everyday lives. We offer a nonjudgmental environment where one can learn and practice spiritual principles which will facilitate their journey.

Our teaching is a blend of philosophy, religion and science aimed at helping us practice the Love of God in our daily lives. Our main intention is to deepen our belief and faith in the healing power, peace, joy and abundance of God; to look beyond the physical, which often categorizes us as metaphysical. All religions could be described as metaphysical to the extent that they reach beyond the physical into more profound levels of trust in the One Source of all that is. The SEC is also considered a part of the New Thought movement, which teaches that Infinite Intelligence, or God, is everywhere present, that the soul is divine, and that right use of the mind has a healing effect.