The Seasonings of Life

This time of year is called the “Holiday Season”, and with it most of us get pulled into the frenetic mode of hustle and bustle. Whether or not you celebrate the various holidays that roll around right about now, you just might sense and feel the fog of crazy energy descending upon the masses as it accelerates into full blown madness.

What if this year you refuse to be influenced by or caught up in the hectic holiday season and decide to think of ways that you can season your life with calm, beneficial joy-filled feelings rather than the insanity of overwhelm?

Oh, I know the Christmas Season, aside from its religious connotation, is touted as a time of joy, giving and family togetherness. But it’s also the season upon which commercial businesses depend for their annual success. It’s also a time when those who do not have families or lots of friends feel left out and even depressed. However we think of it, it’s a time of extremes. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like something other than a ping pong ball being batted from one end to the other?

Think about this. When you want to give your meal a lift, you give it a boost by seasoning it with salt, pepper or some other spice. You do whatever you can to make it taste good. Doesn’t that same idea make sense when it comes to living life?

If you were to do whatever it takes to make your life taste good, what would it be? What seasonings would you use? Does your life need a few dashes of laughter or a sprinkle of gratitude or a splash of forgiveness to make things tastier and more palatable? What if you stirred in a daily prayer and gave your life some zing with the exercise program you let go by the wayside? And how ’bout stirring in a little kindness and appreciation toward someone who needs it? And did you ever think about choosing a new thought when the one you’re having doesn’t serve your well-being?

I just received one of those forwarded emails that I sometimes open. It’s called The Buzzard, the Bat and the Bumblebee. Each one of these creatures, just like we humans, have habits that can keep them captive. If a buzzard were to find itself in a pen six feet by eight feet, yet open at the top, it wouldn’t even try to fly out because a buzzard is used to taking off at a run of ten to twelve feet. It would stay a prisoner for life in a jail with no top.

If a bat finds itself on the floor or on level ground, it will wander around helplessly searching for some slight elevation from which it can fling itself into the air and fly, because a bat doesn’t think it can take off from a flat surface.

If a bumblebee finds itself in a glass open at the top, it will stay there until it dies because it never sees the opening at the top. It will just beat itself to death trying to find some way out through the sides of the glass near the bottom.

People aren’t much different. We let the pressures and problems and frustrations of life keep us prisoners in a world of limitation instead of realizing that life is open at the top.

May you become awake and aware about the seasonings of life that help you look up and see that you are free to fly. And may your December be seasoned with lightness, peace, abundance, lots of love, creativity and laughter. In the words of author William W. Purkey, “You’ve gotta’ dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth.”