Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

Are you a worrier? What do you worry about … your health … the future … pleasing your boss? Perhaps you worry about stretching your money, your time, or losing your job. Or maybe you just worry because it’s a habit. Statistics say that at least 95% of what one worries about never happens. So consider the amount of time spent worrying that could be used to reduce the “to do” list you’re worried about! You know, humans are the only living beings that have the capacity to worry. Not only can we imagine the worst, but we can convert that image into physical symptoms. Dr. Charles Mayo said, “Worry affects the circulation, the heart, the glands, the whole nervous…

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If You Can’t Fix It, Feature It

Most of us, no matter how much self-confidence we display, think that there is something wrong with us. But what if what we think is wrong with us is really right with us? Granted, can’t do much about our age, our height or the family we were born into. We can’t do anything about our physical features – unless we consider plastic surgery. And we can’t do much about the past. If you can’t fix it, feature it points out that there’s more than one way of seeing. And we are constantly faced with deciding which point of view we will use on any given day. One day we feel pretty good about ourselves, the next day all we seem…

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The Art of True Friendship

I have been a coach and spiritual advisor to many people for many years and one of the most common dilemmas has to do with friendship. As wonderful and necessary as friendship is, it can also deliver some of the most devastating emotional blows imaginable. When a friendship goes sour someone is left asking questions like “What happened?!” … “How could this person do this to me?!” … “What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment?!” … and so on. Then there are bewildered comments like “I thought this person was my friend!” or “I feel so betrayed!” or “I thought I could trust this person.” When we find ourselves asking these and other questions, the next one…

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Prosperosophy Program

The Prosperosophy 44-Day Empowerment Program IS NOW LIVE and I am SOOOO excited. The program is a video series that is emailed to you every day for 44 days and is designed to help you to become more prosperous in all areas of your life. Visit to learn more and to sign up for the program. Thank you for your interest!

Latest Book

forgiveness-bookWe are so excited about the new book Phylis has written called “FORGIVENESS is NOT what you think it is.” The Forgiveness Process detailed in this book goes way beyond the barrage of information already available on the subject of forgiveness. The author explains the profound negative effect unforgiveness has on the body, mind and spirit, and shares her personal discovery about what forgiveness really is, a unique and effective process for actually doing it, and a way to confirm to one’s self that it’s been done.

Stay tuned for excerpts of the book and for details on how to order the new book. Lastly, to download my soul math work sheet click here

From Awful to Awe Full

If I were to ask anyone who speaks English what the word “awful” means, they would have no problem telling me. Everybody knows something awful when they see it, hear it or otherwise experience it. Something awful is that which is extremely bad, very unpleasant or even terrible. Awe, on the other hand, is typically an emotion which surpasses the best of feelings. It can be a feeling of reverence, absolute and utter respect, or an overwhelming appreciation of something beautiful. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that most of us prefer feeling awe full rather than awful. The ancient sage Heraclitus once said, “Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at…

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Are You Growing through Challenges?

Every once in awhile I catch myself saying, “Boy oh boy, life is just one thing after another!”  Then I laugh at myself because that’s what life is … one thing after another.  The question is how do I respond to those things that happen, one after another?  What’s my attitude?  How do I perceive the challenges I’m facing?  These are important questions for all of us, because the experience of life is all in the way we look at it.  Life is filled with obstacles, hurdles and challenges, but it isn’t all about avoiding them.  It’s about evolving emotionally and spiritually so that we grow through our challenges, rather than just go through them. You might have heard the…

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