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soulmath-imageThe Soul Math Formula is a map of the creative process in the individual. It is the creation matrix that offers you a tool with which to understand the creative process that you’ve always been using, although perhaps unconsciously. It will help you explore and systematically uncover that which has motivated your creative process up until now. As if you are a spiritual archeologist, you will dig deeply into your own psyche and unearth those buried beliefs that have caused you to make your life decisions up until now.

Soul Math will assist you in building soul-esteem and releasing it to operate in your life. This process is fun, insightful, challenging, necessary and rewarding. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see the depth of this wonderful tool, and will use it often.

The Soul Math Formula
Thought X Feeling X Belief X Action = EXPERIENCE/RESULT


After you download the worksheet open and print both pages. The first page is the diagnotic page which is used to analyze a circumstance that needs to be corrected. The second page is the correction page that is used to help you achieve the desired result.