How To Be Prosperous

Partners in Growth and Prosperity Program
A 40-Day Empowerment Plan

Directions:  This plan consists of ten mind-changing, motivating and powerful statements or principles to get a greater flow of good moving in your life and sustaining that flow. To work the plan, focus on one statement each day, saying it over and over to yourself throughout the day with conviction.  While training your mind to bring your thoughts, feelings and beliefs into alignment with that statement, pay attention to what you do, words you speak, thoughts that come up which are not aligned with that statement. Then practice catching yourself and stop, rethink, reword, and correct your actions as you allow the Truth of the statement to become a part of who you are.

Focus on a new statement each day. When you have completed ten days, repeat the process four more times for a total of 40-days. This is the amount of time recommended to change one’s mind and heart to embrace a higher, more evolved and expanded belief system and habit of thinking, feeling and conducting one’s life. Be sure to journal throughout this process, noticing ideas you haven’t acted upon, wins that happen along the way, and the positive changes taking place in your consciousness and manifesting in your life.

1.   God’s nature is Universal Good, Infinite Intelligence and Unlimited Abundance. I am a creation of Divine Intelligence, and I live and move and have my being in It. Therefore, I always have an abundance of all that I need and desire.

2.   Today I stop attempting to logically figure out where or how prosperity, love, health or any other version of physical plenty, harmony and wholeness might come to me. I simply surrender into the conviction that with God all things are possible.

3.  Today I become clear about what it is that I want. I am conscious of my heart’s desire, my longing to express my highest and best self, and my willingness to receive that which I desire or better!

4.  Although I have desires about which I am crystal clear, at the same time I know that “as I give, so do I receive.” I am ready to take action toward my goals and desires, and ready to share a portion of my good that I might participate fully in God’s Law of Circulation.

5. Every day I am becoming more and more aware of my own spirit and soul as the channel through which the One Unlimited Source flows to direct my thoughts, lift my feelings and inspire my actions. Every step I take is in the direction of my desires, and is taken with integrity, honesty, and high intention.

6.  No person, place or thing has the power to interfere with my participation in and as the perfect flow of God’s unlimited good. I am abundantly supplied in every aspect of life. I am prosperous, loving, loved, lovable, vibrantly healthy and feeling the power of God’s joy more and more every day.

7.  Today I realize that the present moment is all there is, and where I must focus my energy. There is no need to bemoan the past or to take thought for tomorrow. Every minute of every day I am receiving an impulse to do that which should be done in the moment. There is no hesitancy or indecision because there is nothing in my thought to bar the flow of this Divine Impulse.

8.  I am never a victim of any human challenge. Because I am an instrument through which Divine Intelligence directs my body, mind and spirit, I have the power to respond rather than react under all circumstances. I step back, look upon the situation with detached interest, knowing that the I AM of me is in charge. I am a worthy child of God!

9.  Today I remember that “Patience must have her perfect work.” I acknowledge all things good, beautiful and bountiful in my experience of life, trusting that all else will manifest in the right way and at the right time.

10. Not my ego, but my inner awareness of God’s Love, Plenty and Power, govern my body, my business, my home, and my understanding of who I really am as an individualized expression of God. Anything that tempts me to think otherwise is cast out by my command and declaration of Truth! I am prosperous, fulfilled, happy and feeling good!