Beginning Again With Joy

I have addressed the topic Beginning Again With Joy as the subject of a past speaking engagement, but I feel compelled to write about it because I can see that joy is missing in so many lives. It’s certainly obvious how much joy is missing in our world. Part of the problem is, people have become preoccupied with pursuing happiness. And happiness is not the same as joy. We tend to equate happiness with joy, but they’re two entirely different ideas because they spring from two different sources. Happiness comes from momentary happenings in the world around us, while joy originates from the Spirit living within. When I speak of joy, I’m not talking about the instant rush of pleasure…

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Latest Book

forgiveness-bookWe are so excited about the new book Phylis has written called “FORGIVENESS is NOT what you think it is.” The Forgiveness Process detailed in this book goes way beyond the barrage of information already available on the subject of forgiveness. The author explains the profound negative effect unforgiveness has on the body, mind and spirit, and shares her personal discovery about what forgiveness really is, a unique and effective process for actually doing it, and a way to confirm to one’s self that it’s been done.

Stay tuned for excerpts of the book and for details on how to order the new book. Lastly, to download my soul math work sheet click here